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Mommy Mental Fatigue

Before I was diagnosed, I thought I was the worst mom ever. I would start my day feeling pretty good but about an hour into my day, I started to decline. This is still the case but now I understand why and I realize I'm basically fighting a losing battle with myself.  Everyday it's still the same. I start my day feeling okay and then feel myself start to decline right after I do school drop off. After doing all of my mommy duties and taking a break for lunch, I am excited to get the kids and do some fun activities. I pump myself up and get everything ready before pickup.  They come home and the demands and arguing start. Snacks? Bath time? Who had the pony first? I feel myself starting to decline again but there is no break for me now. The drowning starts. I still try to continue with the fun activity I had planned but it becomes more challenging. By the time dinner needs to be started, I feel like I'm just barely holding on. They want me to play a game or do another activi

Kids vs Treatment

Hello MS mommies! Last week I had a thoracic MRI and today is was cervical and brain. A few weeks ago, it was blood tests and my monthly dosage of Kesimpta. I realized that I needed a medication that would better fit my mom schedule so I switched from Ocrevus. I also had a neurology appointment three weeks ago and my doctor recommended daily physical exercise and cognitive exercises. This all sounds like a lot, probably because it is!  On top of the care and keeping of myself, we had birthday parties, gymnastics, early release, days off school, class photos, valentines exchanges, home work, spirit day, parent lunch, grandparents day and a field trip. This doesn't include the daily waking everyone up and getting ready for the day, lunches, drop off, carline pickup, dinner, laundry, groceries, vacuuming and every day cleaning.  Well, a common side effect of MS (as you all know) is fatigue. Somewhere in the mess of caring for everyone else and managing your own health, it is recommend

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello fellow moms! This is my first attempt at doing a blog so bare with me! I was listening to a Podcast by " Tripping On Air " and she suggested another MSer (I'm making this a word if it's not already!) who is a mom open up a space for other moms to connect as a resource. I would love for this space to be a place where we can all connect, ask questions or make comments. Being a mom is already hard enough without the daily issues of MS, so let's be in this together! Here is my back ground- I was diagnosed with MS in September of 2020. It was horrible timing and good timing for me because I was already isolating with COVID. I went into a very sad state of mind and this time allowed me to really get a grip with my new reality. I was immediately put onto Ocrevus because my brain was lighting up like a Christmas tree. My left leg was numb and it felt like I had the worst frostbite. I live in south Florida, so this clearly wasn't the issue!  Overwhelming thoughts